Re-U Fair 2023

Explore the highlights of our participation in Re-U Fair 2023, a dynamic two-day event that unfolded at the close of 2023. The inaugural day treated attendees to a captivating 'Thank You Concert,' fostering a sense of connection and respite from life's worries. Our exclusive pop-up amid the concert provided a chance for visitors to discover our offerings while leisurely perusing the market.

Day two unfolded as the 'Re-U Fair,' boasting an array of specialty stalls featuring handmade goods from the skilled artisans of Hong Kong. Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted items, embodying the unique style of Hong Kong, including our featured Hong Kong-style Soup packets.

Elevating the experience, we offered complimentary tastings of our signature soups, garnering positive feedback from delighted customers and shoppers. Stay tuned for upcoming events as we eagerly look forward to connecting with you in person at future gatherings.


(1st day) Dec-29, 2023 at 5pm - 11pm

(2nd day) Dec-30, 2023 at 1pm - 8pm

VenueHeritage Hall Vancouver

3102 Main St #204, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G7

温哥華香港人圍爐市集 HongKonger Re-U Fair 2023 in Vancouver

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