Inspired by the Chinese proverb "When you drink water, think of its source." This timeless proverb holds a special meaning for us. Our parents instilled in us a sense of gratitude from a young age, reminding us to never forget where we came from. Our brand philosophy promotes gratitude towards origins and never forgetting our origins. In our culture, soup conveys warmth and love within families. With each spoonful, we aim to transport you to the warmth of home and cherished memories.

Growing up in Hong Kong, we were blessed with delicious, home-cooked soups made by our families. These soups were not just a staple in our diet but also a way for our loved ones to convey their affection. The phrases "There's a soup for you" and "Eat more soup" were used in every conversation to express warmth and care.

When we moved to Vancouver, Canada, we found ourselves missing the familiar taste of our family's soup. We studied healthy and nutritious Chinese soup recipes, aiming to replicate the flavors that reminded us of home. Our longing for the warmth of home inspired us to share our love for soup with others in Canada.

After overcoming numerous challenges, we established our own soup brand and obtained a food license in Canada. In a commercial kitchen in Vancouver, we meticulously prepare each soup packet, ensuring food safety and hygiene. Our goal is simple: to bring the healthy and authentic taste of Hong Kong soup to everyone's table.

With every spoonful of our soup, we hope to transport you back to the warm embrace of family, back to your fondest memories. "When you eat soup, think of its source." Let "YUM TONG C YUEN"「飲湯思源」be your source of comfort, your source of warmth, your source of home.