Reducing Waste Packaging: Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Attitude of Soup Ltd., we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and supporting sustainable practices. As part of this commitment, we are delighted to announce that starting from November 2023, we have introduced a brand new packaging - paper boxes made from "recycled paper".

Additionally, for online orders, we are implementing both our existing "reduced packaging" and a new "minimalist packaging" approach to reduce packaging usage and waste.

  • Each vacuum-sealed soup pack comes with its own individual box made from "recycled paper" 每個已真空包裝的湯包都配上獨立的包裝盒


    Each vacuum-sealed soup pack comes with its own individual box made from "recycled paper".

  • 把所有已真空包裝的湯包放進一個較大的包裝盒 All vacuum-sealed soup packs are placed in a larger paper box. Reduce Waste Packaging


    All vacuum-sealed soup packs are placed in a larger paper box.

  • 極簡約包裝 - 把所有已真空包裝的湯包放進一個較大的簡約紙袋 MINIMALIST PACKAGING


    All vacuum-sealed soup packs are placed directly in a simple paper bag that is easy to reuse.

individually vacuum-packed Soup packets

Why Reduce Packaging?

We understand that excessive packaging can contribute to waste and harm the environment. Our soup packets are individually vacuum-packed and then placed in a individual box before delivery. While this packaging protects the ingredients and ensures freshness, we have heard feedback from customers that the multiple boxes can be wasteful.

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we have decided to make changes to our packaging to minimize waste.

把所有已真空包裝的湯包放進一個較大的包裝盒 All vacuum-sealed soup packs are placed in a larger paper box. Reduce Waste Packaging

How Will We Reduce Packaging Bags? The Significance of "Reduced Waste Packaging"

Instead of placing each vacuum-packed soup packet in its own box, we will now pack several vacuum-packed soup packs into a single larger paper box when you order two or more soup packets. We will use the fewest boxes required based on your order quantity, minimizing waste and reducing our environmental impact.

Each vacuum-packed soup packet will still be clearly labeled with its name for easy flavor identification.

極簡約包裝 - 把所有已真空包裝的湯包放進一個較大的簡約紙袋 MINIMALIST PACKAGING

Introducing The New "Minimalist Packaging"

Starting in November 2023, we have introduced the new "Minimalist Packaging" option in response to your thoughtful suggestions. This simple paper bag replaces the larger box, making it not only more eco-friendly but also easier to reuse.

We hope that this initiative will further support environmental conservation and allow us to collectively make a small contribution to our planet.

Eco-Reduce-waste-and-individual soup packet

What If I Still Want Each Soup Packet to Have Its Own Individual Box?

We understand that some customers may still prefer individual boxes for their soup packets. For instance, if you are purchasing a single soup packet or sending one as a gift, you may appreciate the convenience and presentation of individual packaging.

We aim to provide you with the best possible service while reducing waste. That is why we will continue to offer the choice of individual packaging using recycled-paper boxes. When placing your order, simply select your preferred packaging option at the cart page, and we will make every effort to fulfill your request.

Driving the Progress of Sustainability and Environmental Conservation

  • What Are The Improvements In The New Packaging?

  • Yum Tong C Yuen Soup Packet in Former packaging


    Zip-lock pouch bags with windows and multiple stickers for product information.

  • Soup packets from Yum Tong C Yuen in new Eco friendly packagaing


    Made from "recycled paper", packaging boxes with product information directly printed on them, eliminating the need for extra stickers.

We deeply understand the importance of cherishing Earth's resources and safeguarding the environment. Therefore, we spare no effort in advancing the principles of sustainability and environmental conservation. Starting in November 2023, we have embarked on a significant transformation in pursuit of this mission.

Firstly, we have made the momentous decision to completely phase out previous pouch bags, opting instead for boxes made from "recycled paper." This change not only alleviates the pressure on our finite earth resources but also contributes to reducing waste.

Furthermore, the multiple product stickers on the former packaging bags have been entirely discarded. We have chosen to directly print product information on the paper boxes, replacing the need for extra stickers.

We believe that these changes not only reflect our commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation but also inspire more individuals to participate in the collective effort to protect our shared home.

Thank you for your support, and together, let us work towards making a positive contribution to the future of our planet.