Delicious and Safe Soup Packets Produced in a Hygienic Environment

Our soup packets are prepared with utmost care to ensure maximum food safety and quality. As a certified food safe operator, we have obtained government licensing to guarantee our customers' satisfaction.

Our production process takes place in a well-equipped and approved commercial kitchen, where we take strict food handling safety measures, including wearing protective caps, gloves, masks, and washing hands regularly. We also use vacuum-packing technology to seal each packet individually, reducing air-contact opportunities and preserving the ingredients' freshness. This method also minimizes the risk of ingredient contamination during transportation.

Our product pages on website and labels on soup packets contain a detailed list of ingredients and allergens, allowing you to make an informed decision before purchase. We produce our soup packets in a facility that may contain other allergens.

Choose our soup packets for a delicious, safe, and hygienic meal experience.

商用廚房 Commercial kitchen
食品處理安全措施洗手 Food handling safety measures Washing hands
真空獨立包裝抽真空過程 Vacuum sealing process
湯包抽真空過程 Soup packet vacuum sealing process
飲湯思源湯包包裝及標籤過程 Soup packet packaging and labelling process from Yum Tong C Yuen
湯包包裝過程 Soup packet packaging process
飲湯思源的蟲草花玉竹養顏湯完作包裝 Dried Cordyceps Flower Soup Packet from Yum Tong C Yuen packaging is finished
飲湯思源的真空獨立包裝湯包 Individual vacuum-packed soup packet from Yum Tong C Yuen
加拿大食品安全標誌 Canada Foodsafe Logo