Ultimate Convenient Making Soup Method and Kitchen Must-Have Gadget - Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

Ultimate Convenient Making Soup Method and Kitchen Must-Have Gadget - Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

There are always a few days every month that affect our mood due to different reasons, such as rainy or cloudy weather, Blue Monday, etc. We feel especially tired and lazy, lacking motivation. In such times, it's even more important to be kind to ourselves, just like how a sad person shouldn't listen to sad music. But how can we treat ourselves well when we're feeling lazy, such as drinking a bowl of delicious soup? The answer is using soup packets with the great invention - Vacuum Insulated Food Jar!

Principles and Unique Features of the Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

The vacuum insulated food jar utilizes the principle of thermal energy conservation, where heat transfers from a higher temperature to a lower one. Since the food jar is vacuum-sealed, heat won't dissipate, allowing the hot water to transfer its heat to the cooler ingredients until their temperature reaches equilibrium, resulting in a slow and steady cooking process. Note that it doesn't actually heat up the ingredients, but rather uses the heat to stew or braise them.

Convenience of Using Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

This cooking method doesn't require electricity or gas, saving energy and cost while avoiding smoke. It's not limited by location, environment, or time, making it perfect for making soup or cooking food anywhere, anytime. You can bring your stewed soup to a picnic, camping, or office, and enjoy it whenever you like. If you stew soup in the morning, you can even have it for lunch.

Making a healthy delicious herbal soup by using vacuum insulated food jar Making a healthy delicious herbal soup by using vacuum insulated food jar

Available Vacuum Insulated Food Jars on the Market

There are several popular brands of vacuum insulated food jars on the market, such as ZOJIRUSHI, THERMOS, TIGER, BRUNO, etc., with many people recommending them. You can find them in Canadian supermarkets or purchase them online. The price depends on the size of the food jar, with larger size being more expensive.

Suitable Ingredients for Cooking with Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

When using the vacuum insulated food jar, it's best to choose ingredients that are easy to cook and cut into small pieces, so they'll be thoroughly cooked. That's why our soup packets are perfect for stewing soup using this method. In our busy lives, it's best to stew ingredients in the morning or afternoon, so we can enjoy a delicious meal or soup in the evening.

We have tested and found that all of our soup packets are suitable for cooking in a vacuum insulated food jar! Simply rinse the ingredients from our soup packet and put it in the vacuum insulated food jar, then add hot water and stew for about four hours. A nutritious and delicious bowl of soup is ready! Note that since the soup packets contain more ingredients, they take up more space in the vacuum insulated food jar, meaning less water can be used compared to a regular pot. The resulting soup will also be less in volume than that made in a pot. If you want to make a traditional slow-cooked soup or add meat to your soup, we recommend using a pot instead. As a quick soup option for lazy or busy people, a vacuum insulated food jar is also a good choice!

Busy people or novice cooks can consider trying it out. The Vacuum Insulated Food Jar can help you save a lot of time and has good results.

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