Cold hands and feet - What can I eat to remedy this?

Cold hands and feet - What can I eat to remedy this?

Improving cold hands and feet

To improve cold hands and feet, in addition to external factors such as soaking feet and exercising, internal factors are also important. Eating more warm and nourishing foods and blood tonics are both essential to effectively alleviate the problem.

Causes of cold hands and feet

Cold hands and feet are mainly due to poor blood circulation, and the heart's inability to provide sufficient blood flow to the extremities, especially the feet which are furthest from the heart. If blood sugar and blood pressure are low, and kidney Yang deficiency, it can also easily cause a decrease in body temperature. Therefore, to improve cold hands and feet, it is necessary to nourish the blood and Qi.

Foods to eat to improve cold hands and feet

Usually, you can eat more goji berries, red dates, longan fruit, black sesame, black chicken, spinach, ginseng, black beans, etc., which can nourish Qi and blood. You can also make a simple tea using goji berries, red dates, and longan fruit, or make black bean soup or black sesame paste, which are all convenient and quick options.

Blood and Qi nourishing soups that you cannot miss

1. Dried Agrocybe Aegerita Mushroom Soup Packet

The dried agrocybe aegerita mushroom has anti-aging, cholesterol-lowering, anti-cancer and cancer prevention effects. It is good for the spleen and stomach, and enhances immunity. Cordyceps flower is good for the liver and kidney, enhances physical and mental energy, and can lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Together with walnuts, which can nourish the brain and maintain brain health, it can prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, and improve cardiovascular disease. For the other ingredients and details of this soup, please click here.

2. Dried Angelica Sinensis Soup Packet

The main ingredient, Angelica, can nourish Qi, promote blood circulation, and enhance the body's blood production function. It can relieve pain and inflammation, regulate irregular menstrual cycles, and promote bowel movements. When combined with Astragalus, it is the best choice for nourishing Qi and is beneficial to the spleen and stomach. It can improve fatigue caused by Qi deficiency, stop sweating, promote diuresis, and reduce swelling. Red dates are also included, which can nourish the blood and Qi, beautify the skin, and nourish the spleen and stomach to aid digestion. For the other ingredients and details of this soup, please click here. Note that Angelica should be used with caution during pregnancy, and women should not drink it during their menstrual periods.

Avoid cold foods

In addition to nourishing foods, avoiding cold foods is also important. Especially frozen cold drinks, crabs, watermelons, green beans, etc., should be consumed in moderation.


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