Health Benefits of Dried Figs - Different Ingredients

Health Benefits of Dried Figs - Different Ingredients

These light yellow-brown nuggets are dried figs, which are rich in nutrients and ideal for consumption when suffering from constipation. The ones on the left and right are both dried figs, but there are some differences in their consumption.

Ingredients of Dried Figs

The one on the left is dried figs used for soup. They are made from fresh figs and processed into dried products, usually with a smaller volume. They have the effects of clearing heat, detoxifying, resolving phlegm, and removing dampness. They are slightly cool in nature and suitable for use in soups or stews. Our Dried Cordyceps Flower Soup PacketDried Radix Ophiopogonis Soup Packet also include dried figs, making the taste sweeter and healthier.

Instant Dried Figs

The one on the right is instant dried figs, just like the mango dried fruits we usually eat as snacks. The fig flesh is thick and soft, containing sugar and small grain-like seeds, which are very tasty. When you want to snack, consider using dried figs instead for a healthier option.


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