Golden Lo Han Guo and Traditional Lo Han Guo

Golden Lo Han Guo and Traditional Lo Han Guo

Have you ever wondered if Golden Lo Han Guo is the same as Traditional Lo Han Guo? Today, let me share with you some information about them.

Golden Lo Han Guo, also known as the "Immortal Fruit," is actually the same fruit as Traditional Lo Han Guo. The difference lies in the processing methods.

Processing methods for Golden Lo Han Guo and Traditional Lo Han Guo

Golden Lo Han Guo is made using low-temperature vacuum dehydration, which extends its shelf life. Traditional Lo Han Guo, on the other hand, is made using high-temperature baking techniques, which can sometimes result in a bitter or burnt taste. Golden Lo Han Guo has a lighter fragrance, and is sweet without being cloying, while Traditional Lo Han Guo is sweeter and has a stronger taste.

Nutritional benefits of Golden Lo Han Guo

Due to the low-temperature processing method, Golden Lo Han Guo retains more vitamins than Traditional Lo Han Guo, making it more nutritious and beneficial. Golden Lo Han Guo is known to clear heat and moisten the lungs, relieve coughs and phlegm, lower blood lipid and blood sugar levels, whiten skin, and slow down the aging process. There are many benefits to consuming Golden Lo Han Guo, and it is recommended to brew it in hot water during leisure time. It is also recommended to brew it in a way that retains its nutritional value.

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