Red Date Dried Longan Ginger Tea 紅棗桂圓薑茶

Warm Up and Improve Circulation with Easy Recipe: Red Date Dried Longan Ginger Tea

As the winter chill sets in, the cold weather often leaves us feeling chilly, especially in our extremities. To combat the cold and keep your body warm, we bring you a quick and easy recipe for Red Date Dried Longan Ginger Tea. This tea not only swiftly dispels internal cold but also improves circulation, providing warmth and comfort. Let's learn how to make this health-boosting and heartwarming drink together!

Ingredients and Benefits:

This recipe yields approximately four bowls of Red Date Dried Longan Ginger Tea. Adjust ingredient quantities accordingly for more servings.

  • Red Dates (6 pieces): Rich in vitamin C, red dates enhance immunity and promote blood nourishment. In traditional Chinese medicine, red dates are considered excellent for qi and blood nourishment, effectively addressing cold extremities.
  • Dried Longan (8 pieces): Regarded as a nourishing tonic for women, dried longan helps regulate blood qi and enhance blood circulation. Additionally, it warms the spleen and stomach, providing relief for discomfort in the stomach during cold weather.
  • Ginger (4 slices): With warming properties, ginger promotes blood circulation, making it effective in warding off the cold. Adding ginger slices not only enhances the tea's flavor but also imparts a comforting warmth throughout the body.
  • Rock Sugar (to taste): Rock sugar has moisturizing and cooling effects, along with heat-clearing and detoxifying properties. A moderate amount of rock sugar enhances the sweetness of the tea and balances the overall taste.
Red Dates 紅棗 Dried longan 桂圓 Gingers 薑 Rock Sugars 冰糖

Cooking Steps:

Before starting the cooking process, gather the following ingredients: 6 red dates, 8 dried longan, 4 slices of ginger, rock sugar to taste, and 1.2 liters of water.

  1. Wash the Ingredients - Rinse the red dates, dried longan, and ginger thoroughly to ensure their cleanliness. Pit and slice the red dates, and slice the ginger.
  2. Brew the Tea - Pour 1.2 liters of water into a pot and add the cleaned red dates, dried longan, and ginger slices. Bring it to a boil over high heat, then simmer on low heat for 30 minutes. The tea will gradually turn a deep red color and emit a rich aroma. Finally, add rock sugar to taste.
  3. Enjoy - Pour the steaming Red Date Dried Longan Ginger Tea into a cup. With each sip, you'll feel the warmth spreading throughout your body, providing instant comfort. You can also use a spoon to enjoy the red dates and dried longan, which adds to the overall benefit.
Red Date Dried Longan Ginger Tea 紅棗桂圓薑茶 

Red Date Dried Longan Ginger Tea is not only suitable for the cold winter but also a warming beverage for all seasons. This nutrition-packed tea not only alleviates cold extremities but also boosts immunity, infusing your body with sustained vitality.

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In the chilly winter, maintaining warmth and good health is crucial. Red Date Dried Longan Ginger Tea is not just a delicious beverage but also an excellent choice for caring for your body. Try this simple recipe, and let winter be a season free from cold extremities!

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