Discover Hong Kong Home Soup Delights: Vancouver Market Tasting Highlights 温哥華市集湯品精彩試飲活動,品嚐健康香港家的味道湯水

Secrets of Soup Tasting: Unveiling the Delightful World of Vancouver Market Soup Tasting, Savour the Flavors of Healthy Hong Kong Home Soups

As the year comes to an end, we had the pleasure of participating in two markets at the Heritage Hall in Vancouver, both of which allowed us the opportunity to conduct a soup tasting event. We have always aimed to provide an instant experience of the deliciousness of Hong Kong soups, bringing forth the warmth derived from the essence of soups. Whenever the venue permits, we seize the chance to organize these tasting events.

Soup Highlights: No Need for Additional Meat or Salt Seasoning

The spotlight of this tasting event is our highly acclaimed soups, including our body warm "Japanese Dried Scallops Jujube Soup Packet" and the fatigue fight "Octopus Red Adzuki Beans Soup Packet”. We are delighted that many customers, after savoring these soups, praise them and express satisfaction, comparing the taste to that of a homemade mother's cooking! Every time we mention that the soups tasted during these events do not include additional meat or salt seasoning, it surprises and delights everyone! This convenience and healthy soup experience, without the need for extra ingredients, are what we aspire to bring to you. With just one soup packet, you can enjoy the taste of a homey, additive-free, and healthy Hong Kong-style soup!

The Secret to Cooking at Home with Soup Packets

Many wonder whether they can replicate the same delicious taste at home using soup packets. The answer is, of course, affirmative! The soups we offer for tasting are precisely crafted using our soup packets, with no additional meat or salt seasoning throughout the process. At home, all you need to do is follow the recommended water quantity and cooking time to savor the same delightful soup.

Simple Soup Cooking Method

The soup cooking method is straightforward, just follow the instructions on the packaging. At the market, we typically use five soup packets to cook a large pot of soup, adding six liters of water in proportion. Using the Instant Pot's Soup Mode, cook for an hour, and your delicious soup is ready!

Soup Quantity Using Soup Packets

We recommend using 1.2 liters of water for one soup packet. If using a regular home pot, bring it to a boil, then simmer on low heat for two hours. One soup packet yields enough for four regular-sized bowls, perfect for small families. If you desire more servings, simply use multiple soup packets and adjust the water accordingly.

Looking Forward to the Next Market Soup Tasting Event

Enjoying a bowl of healthy and delicious soup is just that simple! With just one soup packet, you can effortlessly solve all ingredient-related concerns, save time, and steps, while relishing the delightful flavors of healthy Hong Kong-style home soups. We look forward to seeing you at the next event, continuing to deliver delightful tasting experiences for everyone!

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