Edible Bird's Nest for the Common People - Snow Fungus

Edible Bird's Nest for the Common People - Snow Fungus

The name "snow fungus" is likely familiar to everyone. It is commonly used in soups and sweet desserts, but do you know its benefits?

Edible Bird's Nest for the Common People

Snow fungus is also known as "Edible bird's nest for the common people" because it is relatively cheap compared to edible bird's nest, but it is equally nutritious and can rival its more expensive counterpart. If you have heard of "yellow fungus" before, its nutritional value is actually quite similar to snow fungus, but they look different and have a price difference.

The snow fungus in the picture is what it looks like before it is soaked. Snow fungus itself does not have much flavor and is often cooked with other ingredients such as papaya and red dates to enhance its taste.

The beauty and moisturizing benefits of snow fungus

The biggest benefit of snow fungus is that it can beautify and moisturize the skin. It contains abundant plant collagen that helps to maintain skin elasticity and hydration. Additionally, it is high in dietary fiber, which can help with bowel movements and relieve constipation. Snow fungus can also help prevent cardiovascular disease and lower blood lipid levels. It is truly a superfood!

Snow fungus contains polysaccharides that can help boost the immune system. It also has a moisturizing effect on the lungs and can lower the risk of upper respiratory tract infections. During this pandemic period, it is beneficial to consume snow fungus.

Because of its skin-moisturizing properties, snow fungus is used in our Dried Radix Ophiopogonis Soup Packet, Dried Yellow Fungus Blaze Mushroom Soup Packet to make the soups more delicious and skin-friendly.

Next time you have the chance, try cooking snow fungus in your desserts or soups. It may help improve your overall health and skin condition!


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