Uncovering the Benefits of Yellow Fungus

Uncovering the Benefits of Yellow Fungus

Can you recognize these deep yellow-orange ingredients with sharp eyes? It is "Yellow Fungus"! In one of our soup bags, you can see the appearance of Yellow Fungus. It belongs to the mushroom family along with other common mushrooms such as Snow Fungus, Fungus, and Black Fungus. Among them, Yellow Fungus has the most collagen, and its price is relatively high.

Plant Edible Bird's Nest Yellow Fungus

"Yellow Fungus" is known as plant edible bird's nest, and some people also call it “Golden Ear". It contains rich collagen, which has anti-aging, antioxidant, and lipid-lowering effects. It can also promote liver fat metabolism, reduce fat accumulation in the liver, help detoxify the liver, and has high health value. At the same time, although it looks small, its water absorption ability is strong, and it has thick flesh. It can become three to four times larger than its original dry size when soaked in water. Due to its rich collagen and moisture, it is particularly suitable for consumption in dry autumn and winter weather or when the weather changes.

Suitable for postpartum mothers or vegetarians

In addition to the usual beauty and moisturizing effects, it can also promote milk secretion for postpartum mothers. Especially for vegetarian mothers, Yellow Fungus can be used to replace pork knuckles, chicken, etc., to nourish the body, which is also a good choice.

With the arrival of autumn, it is recommended to use Yellow Fungus to make soup or sweet soup to moisturize yourself and your family. Our Dried Yellow Fungus Blaze Mushroom Soup Packet is also a convenient and healthy choice.


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